KGQKF 500V 500A DC Motor Idling Test Device

KGQKF  500V 500A  DC Motor Idling Test Device

General Introduction:
KGQKF-I/II locomotive traction motor idling test bench adopts three-phase bridge thyristor rectifier, double loop speed regulating control, by way of adjusting output voltage of rectifier to change voltage that load on the two sides of motor armature so as to reach the aim of regulating speed. Meanwhile, by way of changing the polarity of excitation current that loads on the two sides of motor excitation winding to change magnetic field direction of motor excitation so as to realize positive rotation, inversing no-load operation and speed control of motor. Main controller of test bench adopts the fourth generation DSP full digital control large panel researched and developed by our research institute, control system adopts advanced Siemens S7-200 PLC computer control system and touch screen operation control system, high automation, flexible interface, strong function, humanized design, good system protection function, easy operation and maintenance. It is fully suitable for locomotive depot, motor repair factory that do running in test on railway locomotive traction of Shaoshan vehicle type and Dongfeng vehicle type, which conform to the general maintenance specification requirements of idling running in test of small maintenance and big maintenance of railway locomotive traction motor regulated by Ministry of Railways

Main Specification:

1 Power Supply 3P AC380V,400V,450V etc. Frequency 50HZ  
2 Rated DC Output Voltage 460V, 480V, 500V, 800V, 900V etc
3 Rated DC Output Current 100A,150A, 300A, 500A etc
4 Rated output excitation voltage   24V, 110V, 220Vetc  
5 Rated output excitation current: 100A, 150A etc

Technical Parameters:
1.Microcomputer monitoring operation system with large touch screen

Items Technical parameters
Output voltage DC 12V-600V adjust continuously
Output current DC 1000A-60KA adjust continuously
Rectification mode SCR rectification
Regulation range 0-100%
Power factor ≥0.95(full load)
Output current,voltage accuracy ≤0.5%
Trigger pulse asymmetry ≤0.1
Steady current accuracy ≤±1%
Efficiency ≥88%(full load)
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Control mode Constant voltage,constant current
Operation mode Local touch screen,remote control box or communication
Communication means CAN BUS,PROFIBUS,ETHERNET ,RS485 and RS232 optical
fiber communication
Working method long time full load continuous operation

2.Oxidation curve can be recorded and stored, users can analyze the curve and optimize processing parameters according to the record so s to promote the quality and yield of working pieces

3.Process structure of rectification transformer:three core five column magnetic structure to replace structure of double reverse star-shape plus balanced reactor,energy saving 10%

4.Remote control operation box:remote operation control cabinet can be choose according to customer's situationon site,hose and remote control cabinet are placed seperately ,on site operation is more convenient

5.Independent design and R&D ability can custom-made according to your technical parameter

Environment Requirement:
1.Height above sea level: ≤2500 meters
2.Indoor,good in ventilation and heat dissipation
3. Ambient temperature: -10°C ≤+40 °C
4.RH :≤ 85%
5.Without inflammable,explosive gases and electrical conduction dust in site
6.No strenuous vibration and impulsive in site
7.Vertical gradient :≤ 5°
8.Scope range of the fluctuation of input voltage:≤±10%
Produce Process:

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