Test Device

Test device can provide high voltage DC charge power supply for testing platform. The controlling system of the testing equipment adopts DSP microcomputer control technology. With fast dynamic response speed, high control precision and sensitive protection, the test device can be widely used as DC withstand voltage insulation test in industrial and mining enterprises, science institute study, railway locomotive depot, motor manufacture and repair factory. Test device or testing equipment can also be used as general high voltage test current power supply, which is in accordance with ministry of railways' general maintenance technology code requirements.  

Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer and supplier of test devices (testing equipments) in China. We mainly produce insulation resistance testing device, flexible DC transmission power system overcurrent test equipment and DC motor idling test equipment. Our products have been exported to USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore, India, Brazil, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Malaysia, etc. Our test devices (testing equipments) have won praise and trust from both home and abroad.
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  • DC Motor Idling Test Device
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