• SCR Electrolytic Rectifier
  • SCR electrolytic rectifier adopts SCR rectification technology. As a special electrolysis rectifier, this product is mainly used in electrochemistry, including...

Plasma Power Supply and Plasma Torch

Below are our plasma power supply and plasma torch:



As high pressure break through the working medium gas, the dc power energy was injected into ionized gas, to create a high-temperature high-speed plasma jet for ignition,at the same time create ultra-high temperature and reductive environment. 


  • The waste material was atomized under such high temp and high reductive environment. Plasma gasification center temperature reach up to 3,000-5,000 ℃.
  • Organics is decomposed into synthetic gas such as CO and H2.
  • Inorganic matter melts into state of gas.
  • The outcome is non-toxic and harmless. Dioxin is avoided.
  • Waste breaking rate reach at 99%



Power Plant Pulverized Coal ignition, 
Helping to combust, 
Treatment of domestic garbage and hazardous waste: such as medical waste, antibiotic dregs, nuclear radioactive waste, refractory metals material field, biochemical sludge and tank bottom oil, sludge, waste lubricants, marine sewage oil, HWO2 and other 18 hazardous waste.

Plasma power supply 50KW,Plasma power supply 100KW,Plasma power supply 150KW


Brine treatment and Water Desalination