• SCR Electrolytic Rectifier
  • SCR electrolytic rectifier adopts SCR rectification technology. As a special electrolysis rectifier, this product is mainly used in electrochemistry, including...

Brine treatment and Water Desalination

Brine treatment is using the same principal as desalination technology which removes the dissolved salt ions from the waste stream. 

Both SCR rectifiers & IGBT rectifiers are available for this application. IGBT based rectifier(IGBT=Insulated gate bipolar transistor) is the youngest one of high voltage switch family. A 15V high-impedance voltage source facilitate control current flow through the device which can achieve a lower control power to control the high current. With Adoption of multi-modules,the dc rectifier can be any capacity as requested at the same time worked more steadily and reliably than single module. Take 1500A74V rectifier as example, it contains 5 power modules and 1 rectifying module. Each power module is 24KW. It that way, high power is realized in multi-mudule method. 
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