• SCR Electrolytic Rectifier
  • SCR electrolytic rectifier adopts SCR rectification technology. As a special electrolysis rectifier, this product is mainly used in electrochemistry, including...

GERE Participate in Solid waste treatment & Effluent Treatment Expo and Finished Successfully

The 15th edition of 2019 China Enviromental Protection Expo opened in Chengdu exhibition center during 21-23 March 2019.

The theme is about "Solid waste treatment" & Effluent Treatment" , Chengdu General Rectifier Research Institute take part in this exhibition as a solution provider for hazardous solid waste treatment and industrial effluent treatment.


Here we met and communicate with domestic and overseas companies such as Veolia Environment and SINOPEC Southwest Oilfield Coporation. Congrats to Peng to sign a contract for 150KW 
plasma power supplies during the expo.


Hazardous solid waste treatment - Plasma power system

The plasma power system can be applied for medical garbage,nuclear waste,and pesticide packages waste. At the meantime, plasma ignition as an environmental-friendly and economic way, is applying to boiler ignition for coal-fired power plants, which replace traditional heavy oil ignition, bringing economic benefits to users. And it was found to apply to more and more sectors.


The system is mainly composed of plasma power supply and plasma burning torch. (as below)



Users can choose based on their own needs:

  • Plasma power supply 50KW, equip with 50KW plasma burning torch
  • Plasma power supply 100KW, equip with 100KW plasma burning torch
  • Plasma power supply 150KW, equip with 150KW plasma burning torch
  • Plasma power supply 200KW, equip with 200KW plasma burning torch
  • Plasma power supply 300KW, equip with 300KW plasma burning torch
  • Plasma power supply 500KW, equip with 500KW plasma burning torch


Industrial effluent treatment - Electrolytic rectifier

The role that the electrolytic rectifier played in the treatment process acknowleged as electroflocculation, also known as electrocoagulation(EC). Electrocoagulation (EC) is an electrolytic process that is used mostly for wastewater and industrial process water treatment. Due to its unique ability to remove contaminants such as emulsified oils, suspended solids and dissolved metals, electrocoagulation has become one of the fastest growing technologies in this area. Contaminants can be organic materials, dyes, wash water, ink, heavy metals and others. A series of anodes and cathodes are submerged into the solution and a DC voltage is applied between the electrodes.



Users can choose the power based on their own needs:

  • Electrocoagulation rectifier
  • High voltage pulse electrocoagulation rectifier - It was proved to avoid electrode to become passivated, 
    shorten 30%-40% electrolysis time, and make heavy meat removal rate reach 96%-99%.


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