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KGDF-500a 15v Thyristor Electroplating Power Supply

KGDF-6DY-PLC/KGDF-JDY-PLC SCR Rectifier Anodizing Power Supply

The product adopts SCR rectifier and PWM chopper technology plus DSP computer digital control technology and touch screen operation system, with the characteristics of unidirectional pulse control function, bidirectional DC pulse automatic constant current and automatic constant voltage control. Pulse amplitude is continuous and adjustable, pulse duty ratio and frequency can be adjustable. Good human-computer interface and nice visibility. Real-time process curve like current, voltage and bath temperature can be memorized and recorded automatically. The product can store or withdraw multiple sets of process parameters with high automation, which can greatly improve the smoothness, compactness and corrosion resistance of electroplating film layer, which can also lower porosity and eliminate hydrogen embitterment to improve electroplating layer quality of product, save lots of rare metal.

Main Specifation:

  1 Power Supply 3P AC380V,400V,450V etc. Frequency 50HZ  
2 Rated DC Output Voltage 6V,12V,15V,18V,24V,36V,48V,60Vetc any voltage specification.  
3 Rated DC Output Current 500A,1000A,1500A,2000A,3000A,4000A,5000A,6000A,8000A,12KA,15KA,18KA,20KA etc any current specification.  

Main Technical Parameters

Items Technical parameters  
AC input voltage 3 phase,220,380,415,480V±10%,50/60HZ  
Output voltage DC 12V-600V adjust continuously  
Output current DC 1000A-60KA adjust continuously  
Regulation range 0-100%  
Power factor ≥0.95(full load)  
Output current,voltage accuracy ≤0.5%  
Efficiency ≥88%(full load)  
Cooling method Water cooling or forced air cooling  
Control mode Constant voltage,constant current  
Operation mode Local touch screen,remote control box or communication  
Communication protocol RS485,Profibus DP,MODBUS  
Working method long time full load continuous operation  
Protections 1.input under voltage
2.input over voltage
3.input phase loss
4.output over voltage
5.output over current
6.output short circuit
7.output bus bar insulation to earth
8.over water temperature
9.under water pressure

Best Advantages:
1. DSP computer digital control technology
Independent intellectual property rights,national patent technology

2.High power SCR components rt

3.Three-core five-column rectification transformer:
1) Good quality oriented silicon steel sheet of iron core,all copper transformer coil,
2) No-load loss less than 2%
3) 8%-10% power-saving comparing with common transformer

4.Water cooling device

It can be widely used in enterprise like aviation, aerospace, weapon and ship etc and scientific research institute that do pulse electroplating rectifier on rare metal like gold, silver, palladium and titanium etc.

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