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KGDF(S)--6DD(12DD)KGDF-6DD(I12DD) Series Thyristor Electroplating Power Supply

Thyristor electroplating power supply is a device that can convert power frequency AC into DC equipment with different voltage, frequency and waveform.This SCR power supply mainly adopts rectification technology in silicon controlled rectifier, but uses both rectification and inverter technology in the high frequency switching power supply. It is composed of main circuit and control circuit. It is mainly used as two-way thyristor electroplating power supply and anodizing power supply. It can also be used as low voltage and high current power supply required by the electrolytic process.

Features of KGDF Series SCR Power Supply:
1. Control circuit is digitized and integrated. It adopts computer optimizing designed board structure, making the thyristor electroplating power supply own high reliability.
2. Configured with PLC programmable controller, it can set the positive and negative electroplating time defined by users' requirements. SCR power supply for electroplating can also constitute computer control system with a host computer (PC).
3. It not only has a high degree of automation, but also can achieve fault self-diagnosis.
4. The thyristor electroplating power supply can meet users' requirements of steady voltage, steady flow or steady current density. Voltage, current and current density display instruments are available in the main cabinet and the remote control box.
5. This SCR power supply adopts dry type rectifier transformer placed in the cabinet, making the power supply equipment compact and have high efficiency.

Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer and supplier of thyristor electroplating power supply in China. In addition to SCR power supply, we also produce SCR anodizing power supply and silicon controlled reversing electroplating power supply. Our products have been exported to USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore, India, Brazil, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Malaysia, etc.

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