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KGQF-Series Tank Engine Starting Power Supply

KGQF-series tank engine starting power supply owns a power supply controller. This tank engine power supply is composed of an ignition power supply relay (activating an electric component of a vehicle), a central processing unit (controlling the ignition power supply relay), and a communication device (communicating with a portable unit to authenticate a validity of the portable unit and performing engine start control). This tank engine starting power supply covers a wide range of applications, such as in electroplating, electrolysis, oxidation, electrochemical, water treatment and other fields. With high reliability and timeliness of service, The tank engine power supply has won the overwhelming majority of users.

Technical Parameters of Tank Engine Starting Power Supply:
Input Voltage: 3P, AC 380V. Frequency (50 ~ 60Hz)
Output Voltage: DC 27V/48V.
Output Current DC: 0-1000A, 0-1500A, 0-2000A, 0-3000A

Characteristics of This Tank Engine Power Supply:
1. The control system adopts the double closed loop control mode, current control inner loop and voltage control outer loop. Thus this tank engine starting power supply can use a short time for start-up without over-adjustment phenomena.
2. The main transformer uses high insulating isolation transformer to ensure overall performance.
3. KGQF-series tank engine power supply complies with military standard.

Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer and supplier of tank engine starting power supply in China. We also produce aircraft engine starting power source and armored vehicle engine starting power source. Our products have been exported to many countries like USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore, India, Brazil, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Malaysia, etc.

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