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Founded in 1994, Lantytk® Corp is a cooperation institution joint stock enterprise founded by formerly Chengdu Rectifier Electric Appliance Plant and Electrical Engineering College of the Southwest Traffic University, with the registered capital of RMB 4 million. Our company specializes in the development and manufacturing rectifiers, power supplies, test devices, excitation devices, rectifier power supply devices, automation integrated control systems, computer control DC traction motor feedback test benches, intelligent maintenance-free dc power supply panel, etc. With excellent management team, first-class R&D and technical personnel, harmonious enterprise culture, perfect quality assurance system, nice service concept, continuous innovation and international leading technology, we provide a large number of top-grade products and services to aviation, aerospace, weapon, ship, nuclear industry, iron and steel industry, metallurgy, petroleum, chemistry and mechanical manufacturing industry, national key lab and national key engineering project.
After continuous development and innovation of half century, we have become one of R&D and manufacturers on power electronic complete appliance with the largest scale and the most comprehensive technical strength in domestic rectifier industry. We are also one of modern enterprises that can manufacture ultra-high-power rectifier domestically. Our products have been exported to more than twenty countries and regions like USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore, India, Brazil, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and so on. We have won trust and praise of customers from both home and abroad.
We advocate work style of “morality, dedication, rigorousness, efficiency”, emphasize enterprise philosophy of “invigorating enterprise by management, strengthening enterprise by scientific technology”, insist on quality purpose of “high standard, zero defect” and star-class service concept of “timely, accurate, quick” and market service standard of “customer first”. We have built a communication bridge with our customers from home and abroad. We have steadily forged ahead international cooperative development platform and will provide industrial power supply and automation control equipment with high cost performance and good technical support to our customers from home and abroad.
On the basis of “Double wins, creating brilliance”, we seek common development and shared career all over the world. Also you can visit our website: http://www.rectifier.com.cn/ to get more information about us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. We are looking forward to cooperate with you in future.

E-mail: globalsales2013@gmail.com

  • Electrolytic Rectifier
  • Electrolytic rectifier is also called electrolysis rectifier. It is composed of metal electrodes immersed in an electrolyte. This rectifier permits current flow in only one direction. The modern electrolysis rectifier has become an indispensable part of most rectifier circuit configurations...
  • Electroplating Rectifier
  • Electroplating rectifier is a kind of rectifier that can convert AC into DC power supply. It uses high-quality imported IGBT as its main power device and fine crystal (nanocrystalline) soft magnetic alloy material as its main transformer core. The main control system adopts polycyclic...
  • Thyristor Rectifier
  • Thyristor (SCR) is the abbreviation of crystal thyratron. It is a kind of solid-state semiconductor device with four layers of alternating N and P-type material. They act as bistable switches which can conduct when their gate receives a current trigger, and continue to conduct ...
  • High Frequency Rectifier
  • High frequency rectifier is also a kind of high speed rectifiers. This inverter soft switching rectifier adopts high-quality imported IGBT as the main power device, and fine crystal (nanocrystalline) soft magnetic alloy material as its main transformer core ...
  • Thyristor Rectifier Anodizing Power Supply
  • This thyristor power supply adopts high frequency inverter soft switch rectifier technology, PLC, DSP microcomputer digital control technology and touch screen operation system. The thyristor rectifier anodizing power source is controlled automatically by multi ...
  • Pulse Electroplating Power Supply
  • This pulse power supply adopts IGBT switch rectifier, PWM chopper technology, DSP microcomputer digital control technology and touch screen operation system. It has the controlling functions of single DC pulse, double DC pulse automatic constant current ...
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